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February started off  2/5 with a "bang" .Corey Hicks, a very well known artist and his crew came to Florida from New Orleans Louisiana  for a tour and they stopped at Orange Youth Academy . He had a hard testimony of drugs and a youthful  life of crime. He spoke and the kids really listened. He told of his life growing up in the streets how he over came it. Ir made a very positive impact on the kids and they will not forget his speaking. His Will , Shawn Allen and Cell were all on board to manage the sound and speak one on one with the youth. Mr. Pate and staff are as always corporate with The Throw Away Kids. Youth received "goodies" and Bibles is they so desired. It was a fun day for all.


2/6 The Throw away Kids was at Crossover Church a supporter with R Swift and Corey Hicks. Crossover is a urban Holy Hip Hop church that is reaching the generation of kids that would never go to a tradition church setting. They are located in the Tampa area. Pastor Tommy is the lead minister and he is also know as Urban D from a secular rap career that he once had. The younger youth and adults can relate to his beats and his positive messages. Crossover is reaching the generation that would go to a tradition church setting. Some of the members that are also artists assist The Throw Away Kids with outreaches in the juvenile jails.


2/12 Columbia Youth in Tampa is a new jail that we provide services to . Mr. Sam Cerezo has kindly invited us in to speak to the youth. Watchmen , G86 , Diligence came in with a hard message to the youth. Watchman shared his testimony of being a youthful offender. The kids listened intensely to all the details of how a life of crime will not benefit them in society today. Thank you to Mr. Karon for being so helpful and kind. All the kids were given valentine candy and Bibles and information if they so desired.


2/12 That night The Throw away Kids was at Club Remnant with Pastor Joe and Pastor Michelle of Living Waters Christian Center. The event was a"No More Bullying " that a Christian rapper named Prodigal Son brought to the club. He is the owner of Holy Wood Records and delivers a powerful message to all that attended. Vell P one of his record label artist was also in the house. Shawn Allen and Lady Eagle 8 was also on board to BLAST out some beats. It was a great night for all and everyone came away with a new insight on the need at hand to reach the youth before they go behind locked doors.


2/19 Okeechobee Youth invited a new set of Urban Missionaries on board that are from the local community. Is is headed by a "On Fire" youth Pastor Joe Richardson with a whole posse of guys Luminocity, Kid D Rick Wagner, J lean Nicolas Derigo, Matthew Karvis Jermaine Morales and Kirk Blackburn...(if I missed anyone please let me know) . With the cost of travel for me from Tallahassee it is such a blessings to see the community come together to care for my boys. Okeechobee has always been so very special to me and the youth there. All the group shared their testimony of life in jail, drugs, and a way of crime ... The boys have openly talked to the guys and it is a very good form of mentoring. I wish to thank Mr. Darius White , Joe Hassleback , and most of Mr. George Newsome that want the best for their programs. I hope this will be a long lasting partnership between The Throw Away Kids and G4S.


2/25/ The last week end of the month was with Flame , Boy Wonder Raw Servnt , Urban D , G.L. and others at South Eastern College in Lakeland. This was a free concert for the community. The Throw Away Kids sit up a table and we provide information on out organization and ways that the public can help to continue our services. We are now doing a lot of fund raising because of the expenses of gas and other materials that benefit the youth. I wish to thank all the churches, christian clubs,   artists , youth pastors, community, staff , friends and the youth themselves that have such and impact on this organization . March is coming on strong........

February 2011

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2011 started off with a bang 4 real ...The Throw Away Kids was at New Birth Ministries in Bradenton, Florida for a New Years Eve Watch service, It was an awesome service and we were very blessed. Lady Eagle 8 delivered a hard message . The following day we were at Columbus Youth in Tampa. Diligence gave his gang talk . Lady Eagle 8 did some free style. The youth listened closely to all they  had to say. The youth were very appreciate of us and it was a great time. All the youth had cookies and cake. There were Bibles if the youth so wished.


January 8 The throw away kids were on the turn pike to OJCC with Shawn Allen and His Will to give basketballs and footballs and "goodies" to my kids. We were met by The MC ,Nick and Jonathan that have adopted these kids. We were also met by Pastor Joe Richardson and his crew from 1st Baptist Church in Okeechobee , They chopped it up and played ball and talked to the kids while I gave out cake and "stuff" to the kids. The kids all had a great time and some real one on one talking was done. I wish to THANK You Mr. Newsome because he is the greatest FA I have the pleasure to work with. All that staff is the greatest.


There were several ministries I would like to note. I was at Expressions  aka Living Water ministry in Tampa  with all my Christian rappers and fun by all. I was also with Pastor JOE, Pastor Michelle ,and Pastor Monica at Club Remnant in Longwood.  We also had a great time at Oasis Church with Holyzone Records. They are a huge supporter of The throw away kids. Last, we were at Touch of God conference in Tampa. Without all of them ,The throw away kids would not be able to network so successful.


The last program we were at was Palmetto Youth with Ms. Wynn.  The kids had a treat with Pastor  Terrance Cole that has a ministry called I Can Change Me. It can be found on the internet at . This is a very successful outreach that are reaching youth all over the state of Florida.  Real Word Records came with a DJ and positive music. The kids got Valentine Candy thanks to Ms. Carrie . She is a new volunteer that has stepped up  and loves these kids. She is a real asset to us.


Last but not least is Pastor Tommy aka Urban D that is a supporter of The throw away kids. Crossover Church is the Urban Church that is reaching these Throw Away Kids. I love you all . The most important part of January was that 39 kids gave their lives to Christ and are striving to make a change in their life.


Stay tuned for February ..... We are on a roll..........

Starting 2011 off with a Bang

PostHeaderIcon Closing out the Year of 2010

by Community Justice Network For Youth . (CJNY) It was a great time to get together and share ideas of how to stop the Rail to Jail that is happening across this country today. I wish to personally thank Grace Bauer for all the assistance she provided to The Throw Away Kids Network. I wish to also Thank the Burns Institute for holding this conference on important issues of juveniles. It was great and looking forward to the next one.  


The Throw Away Kids were at Orange Youth  Academy with Mr.  Cal Pate and staff on 12/ 11/10. We took in BIBLES and Basketballs. It was a different outreach than all the others we have had. Shawn Allen, His Will , Kemmo and Alex were on board to Chop- it -up with the kids. They played basketball and football and all sorts of board games. The kids were given cookies and holiday candy and a BIBLE if they wanted one. There were smiles all a round. It was great to just laugh and remember that JESUS loves them and so do we.  


We were next at Hastings with Pastor Donna Rigney and Pastor Jack and their friends . Mr. Keith Banks as always is a pleasure to visit with. We had 60 kids and they sang Christmas songs and received gifts. They had pizza and ice cream treats . The kids had a great time . The Throw Away Kids gave each dorm a basketball and football combo so the kids could get out on the  court. Bibles were also donated to the program.


Last, we were at Palmetto on Christmas Eve.  The kids were very appreciate of us coming. Since it was Christmas Eve it was hard to find someone to come. I wish to personally thank Carrie and her friend Marie that drove down from Port Richey to give my kids Christmas Cards and spend time with them They played cards ,checkers ,and other games with them and just talked to them . Dilligence came and played basketball and talked to the kids. Thank you all for your love for these kids. Special thank -you to Ms. Wynn and Mrs. Bertha Green for your dedication to that program and the kids.  


This closes out another year for The Throw Away Kids and I look forward to a more exciting year to come. Happy New Year and God Bless You .


Blessings, Rita

Closing out the Year of 2010

PostHeaderIcon Closing out the Year of 2010

December started off with a trip to Washington DC sponsored by Community Justice Network For Youth . (CJNY) It was a great time to get together and share ideas of how to stop the Rail to Jail that is happening across this country today. I wish to personally thank Grace Bauer for all the assiatance she provided to The Throw Away Kids Network.Closing out the Year of 2010

PostHeaderIcon November Outreaches

The month of November was exciting to say the least. We started off with B.O.M.D. S.Q.U.A.D. with Ericka Buckman on 11/6/10 .  The event was Taking Back Da Streez at Stanton Prepartory School . The artists was Seven J, Laki,  Omotayo, and a  crew from Waycross GA stomping out  beats for Christ. Friends and Family came and enjoyed pizza, drinks. chips and other goodies. The Throw away kids was up in the house for their support and to network with the Duval people. Love to you all.


On 11/13/10 we went down to Palmetto Youth Center with F.A. Norma Wynn and Staff. There was Delligence and Mello-D and Halo the Dj from Orlando running the sound. We were out on the basketball court with all the kids. Mello-D rapped his street testimony to the kids and they listened to the beats. Next up was Delligence with his Ex-Gang Talk to the kids of his life on the block. He was arrested for a crime that he could of served several years . In jail he made a deal with God that he would lay down his "colors" if he would get him out and it happened. He kept his part of the deal. When he did quit the gang they beat him up so bad and kicked all his teeth out.  When he shows the kids his dentures  they are amazed . He is a great speaker to the kids that are in gangs .


The week end of 11/19 through the 21 was a week end of support to various churches and a club. It started off at Expressions that is run by William Stallings A.K.A. Cell . The artists on board that night was Urban-D from Crossover Church, Curtis Regum Faith Forbes, Blessed Child, Commissary , Cell and King David and others .  They all jammed for the King and it was a fun time had by all. Expressions is a great place to go and enjoy the music and fellowship.


11/10/10 We were in Zellwod Florida at Ekklesia Youth . It was hosted by Pastor Richard Harris and his lovely wife Shakira. His Will invited The Throw away kids and we were there to support the event. There was a variety of artists there. Liberty Gospel Choir sang up lift11ing songs and filled the house with worship. His Will. Military Souljahz, Keemo, 1 Accord and others had the youth rocking to the rap. I love this  ministry and the welcome that they gave to us.


Thanksgiving came and I hope it was enjoyed by all. The Throw Away Kids was with M.I.D promotion ministries in Sanford, Florida. It is a Spanish ministry and I love these guys. Angel Rivera and Elu Rosa run this ministry. The artists were Mjay El Leon Giovanni , Red Boy Valencia and a Rapper from Tampa Talon Da Ovataker. It was Great being with all. I support their vision to reach the Latino youth for Christ.


I wish to say a very special Thanks to Kendra Collins A.K.A. Ladt Eagle for putting up with me for an entire week end and a very special Thanks to Lenora Gauthier that prays and supports this ministry. And most of all Holy Zone Records (Mello-D) that gives shout outs and support I love you all......Till December.




November Outreaches
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