May was a time of joy and great sadness. I am sorry this is so late but a lot has been going on with the organization. I guess when they say a new level brings a new devil. Hope 4 the Hood was in Orange Youth on May 7  with Pastors Lori and Ken Thieme and J C Dodd and Alonie. They brought the most amazing Praise group I had ever heard call Revolution band. All the kids in the band were young and I was afraid that my kids would not accept a praise band … but as God said I got This … It went real well and some of the kids came from the back to rock the front…. I was so happy and surprised. There was a young lady on the violin that was awesome. It went real well and I look forward to the next event with them.


May 14 ..Hope 4 the Hood headed out to Hastings with Marcel Bigbruh Way  and Mipeace and J.A. It was a time to reconnect with the kids at Hastings since I had not been there in a while. All the kids were new and did not know us and how we roll. Mipeace opened with rap based on positive messages for the kids. They sat and listened quietly. Marcel Bigbruh Way brought it home with his testimony of jail and how his life style landed him in jail. The kids could really relate to him and what he was saying. They paid close attention to him. I was happy to revisit this jail with Mr. Banks a strong man of God that believes each youth can make it. Thank you again for letting us share with your program.


May 21 The Throw Away Kids/Hope 4 The Hood was in Clearwater with “STORM THE GATES OF HELL “ conference  with Reign Fest aka Ronnie Alicea. There was workshops food music and great fellowship. It was a time to gain knowledge on how to fight the devil and take back what the devil has stole. I look forward to more networking with all the organizations there.


May 28 Okeechobee Girls with FA Patrick Miller .Lady Eagle 8  gave her story of her life as a “thug” lesbian that came out of that life style and was saved by the blood of JESUS.  Sanya shared her testimony of street life and sin and how JESUS came and rescued her and literally saved her life.  Apostle Hill came with the Word and there was tears and forgiveness in the camp.  Joe Robinson and the MC's were on hand to assist us girls. I love these girls and they hold a special place in my heart . A cook out was enjoyed by all.


May 30 Keeping it moving Hope 4 the Hood was in Brooksville where Dra was that spent 20 years of his life in Prison .  The kids listened intensely. It was Memorial Day and along with Ron and William volunteers of Hope 4 the Hood it was awesome to spend it with the kids. All the kids got cold watermelons and fun fellowship .


I wish to first say Thank You God for keeping me and letting me share you with these Kids. It is so Special to my Heart … If but one comes to you then my life has not been in vain… With GREAT sadness one of my Kids got out and returned to the Block with a fake ID and Gun and in 16 hours later he was dead with 4 shot gun blasts to his chest. He was 16 and I knew him very well. My heart was broken but that makes me even madder at the devil to step up the game so devil watch out what ever it takes we are coming and STRONGER ………


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Mama Rita

May Events 2011

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